Setting the Day Right – Positive Classroom Strategies

It may seem simple and in many ways, it is, but being in your classroom to great your students as they enter in the morning means a lot. It means A WHOLE LOT!

When your students enter your classroom early on a weekday morning it can really set the tone for a positive week. Well, it can if you have a positive attitude and have a warm environment for them to enter.

Many of your students are arriving at school on a Monday morning feeling happy and excited to take on a new week of school. They had a great weekend, spent time with their family and friends and maybe even did some pretty cool activities like visiting a museum or amusement park.

Some of your students may not have had such a great weekend. Maybe family members weren’t around and they had to entertain themselves for a few days. Maybe there were some loud arguments in the house or maybe they themselves were the focus of some negative attention.

For those students, coming to your classroom on a Monday morning is a relief. Some of them may have dreaded Friday afternoon approaching because they knew they wouldn’t have your classroom for two whole days.

Maybe some of them were counting down the hours until they could go back to your classroom, the only normal place in their lives.

When you think about things that way…

It’s hard to start your week off with “A Case of the Mondays!”

Monday is the most crucial time for us to be on point, on our game and be as happy (even if we have to pretend) as we can be!

Turn the lights on bright, have the games and toys ready and have some awesome music playing when your students enter the room.

Say “hello, how was your weekend?” to each one of them and for the ones you know need an extra boost, say, “I’m really happy to see you this morning ______. We’re going to have a fun week together!”


Setting an upbeat and positive tone from the very start of the day can make your students really happy!



About the Author:

Kevin O’Shea is an IB/PYP educator currently based in Beijing, China. He is a father, husband, and avid conservationist. Kevin is also the host of the upcoming Making Better Teachers Podcast as well as the host of the long-running Just Japan Podcast.

Twitter: @MadForMaple


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